Terms and Conditions

WOW Limousines will endeavour to get the customer to the destination safely, comfortably and on time, however mishaps/accidents/traffic delays etc do happen and allowances must be made for traffic hold ups, weather, illness or vehicle breakdowns, etc. We cannot be held liable for those circumstances which are beyond our control. Should there be a mishap or vehicle breakdown every effort will be made to dispatch another vehicle to complete your function. Note that our terms and conditions also cover subcontract cars and drivers brought in, in an emergency. No refund will be forthcoming unless WOW Limousines is unable to solve the situation or problem at hand.

The customer releases and indemnifies WOW Limousines to the fullest extent permitted by law from all claims and demands of every kind arising out of the hiring including liability which may arise in respect of any accident or damage to property or injury to any person of whatever nature or kind. The customer agrees that WOW Limousines will have no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any property of the customer. The release and indemnity contained in the clause continues in full force and effect notwithstanding any termination of this agreement (whether expiration of time or otherwise). The customer agrees that any liability of WOW Limousines to the customer is limited to the cost of the hire.

The customer acknowledges that it will meet the cost of all damage, including cleaning costs, occasioned to the vehicle subject of the hire incurred by negligence, want of care, recklessness or intent of the customer, its invitees or agents. As stated on our booking form, the customer acknowledges by returning the completed booking form with deposit as cleared funds, the customer has read and understands all of the terms and conditions attached here.

Agreed Price

The Agreed Price is the price to be paid for the journey as agreed between Wow Limousines and the customer. The times, route and other details of the journey are stipulated on the Booking Confirmation. Any requests to modify any of these details should be made to us at least a week in advance of the date of travel and we will endeavour to accommodate minor changes to the customer’s requirement, subject to our ability to do so

Vehicle supplied – We will endeavour to provide the vehicle requested by you. In the unlikely event that we are unable to do so we reserve the right to provide a substitute vehicle of similar type and capacity.

Hire type – We offer a range of hire options, including a pick-up and return service, a one-way service and a continual hire service. Unless you have opted for a continual hire agreement, other customers may have hired the vehicle before or after the outward or homeward bound legs of your journey. The inside of the car will be cleaned and replenished as necessary between these hires.


All bookings are confirmed by the payment in advance of a non-refundable deposit.
The balance due is the amount outstanding net of any deposit paid. The balance is due for payment 30 days before the date of hire. The agreed payment method appears on the booking confirmation. Any exceptions to this policy will appear on the booking confirmation and will have been discussed at the time of booking.

Additional charges

a) Overtime
The hire agreement between us includes specified pick up and return times and/or duration of hire. Adhering to these times forms an integral part of our operation. Where these times are not adhered to, we may incur additional cost or risk disappointing other customers. For that reason, we reserve the right to levy additional charges should the times agreed between us not be adhered to by the customer. The overtime rate that will be charged is as specified below. Rates are for each hour or part thereof.

Payment of all overtime charges must be settled before the end of the hire. We do not accept cheques, debit cards, credit cards or foreign currency as payment on the day of hire. In the event that payment of overtime charges cannot be made on the day of hire, the customer agrees that the amounts will be charged to the credit or debit card with which the booking deposit was paid. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% surcharge on the transaction amount.

b) Damages
We reserve the right to charge the customer for any damage to or soiling of the limousine or any of its equipment caused by you or members of your party.

Cancellation of Booking

Cancellation must be received 90 days prior to the booked wedding date in writing. You must advise us of the cancellation by Email. The deposit will be forfeited to cover cost and losses. If cancellation is received within 90 days of the booked wedding date, the total hire fee will become payable in full. All deposits and payments are non-transferable. There is a $1000 per vehicle cancellation fee. Strictly no refunds.

Once you have confirmed and agreed your booking sheet outlining your Schedule for the day, any required changes must be notified to us in writing 30 days prior to the booked wedding date as agreed with management pending availability. In the event that we are notified of any changes within 30 days of the booked wedding date, we reserve the right to refuse any such changes due to our busy booking schedules.


It is the customer’s responsibility to behave in an acceptable manner. All vehicles are strictly non-smoking, and seat belts must be worn at all times. Driver discretion applies to behavior described as unruly or unacceptable. The customer must also be in a fit state to travel at all times.

Lost property – Unfortunately, we are unable to take responsibility for the loss of property left in the vehicle at any time or under any circumstances.

Breakdown – We operate a large fleet of vehicles which are maintained to a high standard. In the unlikely event of breakdown or the car being rendered unserviceable (for example, in the event of collision), we will use our best endeavours to provide a back-up vehicle or vehicles as quickly as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of vehicle breakdown or similar unavailability.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, performed under, and construed in accordance with the laws but not the conflict of law provisions of the State of New South Wales.

Upon payment of booking deposit you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.